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Grants Policy

Bix & Assendon Parish Council Grants Policy

Bix and Assendon Parish Council is funded by the residents of Bix and Assendon through  the ‘Precept’ and therefore has only limited funds available to assist organisations working for the benefit of the local community.

Subject to funding being available, the PC is committed to providing support to local  groups which are set up to promote community life; to maintain facilities/environment or  provide support for Bix and Assendon residents. Grants or donations are decided against  criteria, which can be amended from time to time by the PC.

  • Applicants should show how the money will benefit the people living in the Parish or  will benefit the environment of Bix and Assendon.
  • Any assistance given will be subject to evaluation of the outcome of the grant. • Organisations should not make a presumption that funding will continue on a year to  year basis.

Bix and Assendon Parish Council provides grant funding to support the following aims:

  1. To enable local people to participate in voluntary groups and activities.
  2. To help the parishes’ voluntary* groups to improve their effectiveness.
  3. To ensure the provision of services, needed by the residents, via the voluntary sector.
  4. To support organisations for those experiencing social and economic difficulties.
  5. To ensure that there is equality of access and opportunity for all parishioners 
  6. To improve or enhance the local environment and its facilities. 
  7. To achieve value for money.

*The Council defines a voluntary group as a non-profit making organisation, set up and run  by a voluntary, unpaid management committee.

The amount of money available for grants varies each year, depending on the overall  council budget.

Bix and Assendon Parish Council uses the following criteria to decide on grant  applications: 

  1. Whether the group/project meets the requirements of the policy.
  2. Level of benefit to Bix and Assendon and the impact the grant will make.
  3. Evidence of a well-managed group including previous experience and track record.
  4. Financial sustainability and viability of group and/or project. 
  5. Evidence of partnership working.

Bix and Assendon Parish Council will not fund the following

  1. Organisations that do not provide a service to the community in Bix and Assendon
  2. Individuals or appeals supporting an individual. 
  3. General appeals
  4. Statutory organisations or the direct replacement of statutory funding.
  5. Political groups or activities promoting political beliefs. 
  6. Religious groups where funding is to be used to promote religious beliefs.
  7. Arts & sports projects with no community or charitable element. 
  8. Medical research, equipment or treatment.
  9. Projects that may take place before an application can be decided.
  10. Organisations that have a closed or restricted membership. 
  11. Equipment or other costs that have already been purchased or incurred prior to the  application being considered.

Grants are usually offered on a one off basis to support a particular project, event, activity  or the purchase of equipment. They are also open to new groups wishing to start up and  receive a small contribution towards their running costs.

The application process

Groups should apply for funding either in writing to the clerk (parishclerk@bixandassendon) or  in person at a parish council meeting, giving appropriate supporting information/evidence.

All applicants will be notified of the Councils decisions.


Grants will only be paid by bank transfer to the account of the named organisation.

Monitoring and reporting requirements

Groups are expected to provide Bix and Assendon Parish Council with written evidence of  what the money has been spent on and the benefit it has brought to the people of the Parish.  Such evidence should include copies of invoices and receipts, plus attendance numbers,  photos, press clippings, etc. where applicable. This information should be submitted within 1  month of the event/project end or by the end of February each year whichever is sooner, so  that it can be reported at the Annual Council Meeting.

General grant conditions

  1. The grant can only be used for the purpose stated in the application and the Council  reserves the right to reclaim any grant not being used for the specified purpose of the application. However, if a group wishes to change the purpose of the grant they must seek approval by writing to the Council.
  2. Applications for projects where the work has already been completed will not be  considered.
  3. Grants for the repayment of loans or cost of services, equipment or provisions in  anticipation of a grant will not be supported4. Small grants must be spent within 1 year of  award. Any unspent monies left after this time must be returned.
  4. Organisations are responsible for ensuring that they are in compliance with all  applicable legal and statutory requirements (including those relating to health and safety  and equalities).
  5. If for any reason the organisation disbands or the project is not completed the Council may  ask for all or part of the monies to be paid back.
  6. In order to receive payment organisations/groups must have a bank account into which  grants can be paid; payments will not be made to private individuals.
  7. Only one application per year will be accepted from any organisation.

Bix and Assendon Parish Council – Grant application – 2023-24

Name of organisation making the  application:
Short description of the organisation:
Number of members/volunteers:
Number of paid employees:
Name, address, contact information for  the person making this application:
Is the organisation a registered charity? Charity number:
Amount of grant requested: £
Short description of what the grant is for  and timelines:
Who will benefit from the grant?
Approximately, how many people  benefiting are residents of Bix and  Assendon?
If the total project is more than the grant  requested, where will the additional funds  come from?



If the Parish Council cannot support the  grant, will the project still go ahead? Yes/No




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